In order to be admitted to accademia Koefia, applicants for our post-diploma courses or bachelor degrees must hold a high-school diploma; instead, those applying fot our postgraduate degrees or masters must hold a degree. The high-school diploma study fields is not important; while for postgraduate courses the degree course must be in the field of Fashion Design, for the other courses there are no minimum prerequisites and the assessment of admission is on a case-by-case evaluation basis. Equivalent qualifications are required from foreign candidates.

  • The student’s ADMISSION is based on an application and the simultaneous sending of a PERSONAL PORTFOLIO, a document that each student must submit BEFORE its enrolment.
  • The Portfolio is evaluated by the Management of Koefia Academy in a time of up to one week.
  • Afterwards, in order to start the enrolment procedure, the student must fill and send by email the GUIDE/MODULO DI ISCRIZIONE (APPLICATION FORM) for foreign students to be sent to:

The student’s INSCRIPTION is then subordinated to his/her ADMISSION, until the places available for each course are reached, as follows:


  • Fashion Design. Project & Research = 20 places
  • Fashion Design. Couture Luxury Tailoring = 40 places


  • Italian Haute Couture Production = 10 places


  • 20 students for each course.


  • For the portfolio it is necessary to present a folder of at least 10 drawings. The theme is a choice; the candidate can present a collection of dresses or simply a series of free creations. Full autonomy is given to the design and colouring techniques. If the candidate has already carried out studies in the field, he can present collections already designed and any type of material that can document his style (moodboards, photographs of garments made, clothes in place, etc.).
  • The evaluation of the Portfolio is communicated to the candidate in a few days from the date of submission.
  • A positive opinion in favour of the Portfolio means the release of ISCRIPTION CERTIFICATE. Students from outside Europe receive the CONFIRMATION OF ENROLMENT FORM which is necessary to obtain a visa for Italy.


  • Each year Koefia Academy establishes a call for two scholarships equal to the cost of a half of the first year. To access the selection, one must register before July 31st and submit, by the same date, your portfolio, the mark of the baccalaureate examination and the ISEE form. A scaffolding will be assigned on the basis of the elements presented, and a ranking based on the total scores obtained will assign the scholarship to the top two.