Enrolment Procedure

Enrolments are open from January to September.

In order to enrol at the courses of the Academy, students must hold the High School diploma. Foreign candidates are required to have an equivalent qualification and a good knowledge of Italian language, necessary to attend the courses. 

Course enrolment includes:

1. payment of the proposed fee

2. presentation of the documents required for registration:

                        2.1. the application form, duly completed and signed

                        2.2. a photocopy of an I.D.

                        2.3. 6 photocards

                        2.4. photocopy of your last educational qualification (Diploma, Degree, etc.)

                        2.5. receipt of payment of the registration fee


The payment of the registration fee have to be by bank transfer. The coordinates for the bank transfer are to be obtained from the Educational Secretariat.

The Management may decide to close the entries even before the deadline set in case of reaching the maximum acceptable number of applications.

For further information, please contact academic@koefia.com