The course is aimed at all those who want to undertake the profession of graphic designer within a clothing brand. Within the course are developed the two Adobe programs: Photoshop and Illustrator. 

The frequency is once a week and the duration is only one semester. 

Main topics: 

Research, design and production elements of each type of customization of the collection. Phases and research methodologies. Analysis of existing garments and identification of the main elements of customization. Development and design of the elements of customization of a garment.  

Preparation of the bases of any kind of dress. The use of lettering for graphics. The lines and patterns. Different types of printing and embroidery. Labelling. 

Abacus of the essential graphic elements for each type of garment. The customization of accessories.  

Development and timing of a collection. The Color Combo. Elaboration of the executives for the realization of the customization elements planned. 



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