Annual Course

3D Haute Couture Patternmaking

The aim of this course is to develop Couture Modelling from the structure of basic garments to the creative modeling of more complex garments.

Through the paper’s modelling on a mannequin, Moulage method, it is possible to develop any type of shape, coherently with the garment’s functionality.

The creation of the paper pattern is the most important phase for the production of a garment, because it transforms a designed project into a real three-dimensional shape to be defined, perfected and finally transferred onto fabric.

The method used is the moulage, which involves the creation of the pattern directly on mannequin. The frequency is 3 times a week with weekend formula (Friday and Saturday).

The course lasts two semesters, from Mid-September to the end of June.

The main arguments are:

Loose and tight fitting bodice. The skirt. The shirt. Different types of sleeves and necks. The jacket with 3 and 4 plies. Sheaths and pants. Redingot. Kimono. Chanel Jacket. Model in bias with canvas. Lycra pattern. Pattern from sketch. Basic elements of industrial model.

Tailored canvas realization of the basic models. Elements of CAD CAM Modelling.

At the end of the course the student will have to take an exam to show the knowledge gained during the two semesters.