The Koefia Academy over the years has developed a method based on the construction of the pattern on the mannequin, French moulage method. Since 1951, the KOEFIA Academy has been preparing students over three years with a strong focus on the practical aspects of the profession. The didactic path is complete: from the designed project to the creation of the pattern; from the prototype in sartorial canvas to the realization of the dress in fabric with the criteria and the sartorial techniques of High Fashion.

The KOEFIA student is a student capable of intervening at any time during the creative process, where a complete dress is created from a sketch on a sheet of paper. The Academy also pays particular attention to the complementary components that make a dress a luxury object: embroidery, knitwear, macramé, felt, hat and accessory.

Although the Koefia Academy’s teaching methodology is rooted in the tradition of Italian tailoring, particular attention is paid to innovations in the sector. CAD CAM modeling systems, digital illustration and the study of trendsetting websites have been part of the training programme for many years.

The aim of the Academy’s teaching is to train young stylists with a strong design identity provided by a critical sense and a high technical/practical level of preparation.

At the end of his studies, the KOEFIA student parades a dress, made during the last semester, within the ALTAROMA ALTAMODA event, and takes part in numerous other initiatives in Italy and abroad.






In the three-year courses UNDERGRADUATE / BACHELOR in FASHION DESIGN, both the Project and Research course and the Couture course have the same curriculum during the first academic year. Then, from the second year on, it is possible to choose the favourite path. The education programme focuses on the research and design of a single High Fashion item or an entire collection. In addition to the drawing, anatomy, colouring and digital illustration skills, the Academy also offers a range of modelling and tailoring skills to enhance the final project presented as final Thesis.


The Master in Professional Studies, dedicated to the creation of the High Fashion product, allows graduated students with an adequate basic training to understand the problems of management and production techniques of a High Fashion garment and to put it effectively into practice in the professional environment. The Product Manager in High Fashion is the professional capable of putting design ideas and concepts into practice, transforming creativity into a valid commercial proposal.


The Short Courses are directed to all those users who wish to follow a targeted and thematic didactic path. The duration of the courses varies from one to two semesters. The courses cover the entire didactic panorama of Koefia Academy, leaving the possibility of following more than one course, where possible, even at the same time.


2017_LA STRADA / a Denim story