Since 1951, KOEFIA Academy prepares students through a three-year course strongly oriented to the practical aspect of the profession.

The study path is complete: the design of the project to the creation of the paper pattern, from the prototype in sartorial canvas to the realization of the dress in fabric with the criteria and sartorial techniques of High Fashion. A KOEFIA student is able to intervene at any stage of the creative process, starting a complete dress from a sketch on a paper sheet.

The Academy pays particular attention to the additional components that make a dress a luxury object: embroidery, knitwear, macramé, felt, hat and accessory. Although the Koefia Academy’s teaching methodology is rooted in the tradition of Italian tailoring, particular attention is paid to innovations in the sector. CAD CAM modeling systems, digital illustration and the study of trendsetting websites have been part of the training programme for many years.

The aim of the Academy’s teaching is to train young stylists with a strong project-design identity, provided by a critical sense and a high technical/practical level of preparation.

At the end of the studies, a student of KOEFIA student presents a dress during the last semester, within the ALTAROMA ALTAMODA fashion show, and participates in many other initiatives in Italy and abroad.