Educational Framework

KOEFIA Academy offers post-graduate courses of study. The requirement to attend school is the possession of a High School Diploma (or equivalent qualification for foreigners). Based on study time, talent and professional ambitions, each candidate can choose two different study paths.



If the student wishes to focus on a single thematic course, he can freely enrol in one of the courses indicated in the short courses section. The length of the courses varies from a few months to a year. At the end of the short courses, a certificate of attendance is issued by the Academy. Among the thematic courses there is the possibility to attend a three-year course of fashion design in modelling and tailoring, with a final qualification recognized by the Lazio Region (EQF 3/4). The Director of Education and an Academic Advisor are available to assess your specific needs.



It consists of three main study courses, two post-graduate courses and one post-graduate course. The Post-Diploma course, or Bachelor’s degree, is equivalent to the Italian Bachelor’s degree, the Post-Laurea course, or Master’s degree, is equivalent to the Italian Bachelor’s degree (3+2). For those who already have work experience or have attended other courses and other Italian or international institutions, it is possible to recognize past credits.

Summary scheme of didactic paths in Koefia and relative levels of qualification:

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