Three-year Undergraduate Course in Rome | 180 ECTS


European Bachelor Degree of Science in Design, accredited by E.A.B.H.E.S.

The Three-Year Undergraduate Course that will transform you into a high fashion production professional


3 Years

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Three-Year Undergraduate Course, in Rome

This three-year European Bachelor Degree Post-Diploma course offers complete Fashion Design training in Styling, Pattern Making and Tailoring Production for the creation of Haute Couture products. Students are guided in Creativity, Fashion Design and learning Couture Pattern Making and Tailoring, respecting their natural skills and increasing culture, creativity and manual skills. Two thirds of the hours are dedicated to the clothing design and creation workshop. During the three-year period, Accademia Koefia invites students to participate in competitions and fashion shows to present their clothes and acquire additional training credits. The third year is dedicated to Altaroma Fashion Show participatio and to the preparation of the Final Thesis. The skills acquired allow students to apply for hiring and collaboration in the most important fashion companies, Maisons and Ateliers.

We value your talent

Each student is unique, you will be followed throughout the entire course of study. We enhance your talent by making you become an Italian Fashion Professional.

Become a pro

The KOEFIA student, once trained, becomes a professional capable of intervening in every phase of the creative and production process.

We enroll you in Haute Couture teams

Accademia Koefia offers its students, free of charge, company internships in prestigious brands and houses where they can gain experience and shine.

Admission requirements

To access the Three-Year European Bachelor Course in FASHION DESIGN: COUTURE TAILORING of the Koefia Academy, it is necessary to have a five-year Higher Secondary School Diploma, or other qualification obtained abroad, recognized as suitable.

Additional information on enrolling in the three-year Koefia academy course

The ADMISSION PORTFOLIO must contain a minimum of 10 Fashion Designs / Projects.

The theme is chosen by the candidate. It can be a Collection of Dresses, or simply a series of free designs / creations. Full autonomy to the student as regards drawing and coloring techniques. Koefia Academy helps the candidate in preparing the Admission Portfolio by providing a specific Online Guide and Tutorial.

IF FROM A FASHION SCHOOL (Professional Fashion, Fashion/Textile Artistic High School...): presentation of works and drawings already created that document the candidate's style (Moodboard, b/w or color sketches, photographs of finished garments, etc.)

IF FROM OTHER HIGH SCHOOL (Classical, Scientific, Psychopedagogical, Linguistic High School...): presentation of New Drawings, created for this purpose, starting from the indications provided to the candidate by the Admissions Secretariat

The Academy is attentive to the economic needs of students and families. Discounts relating to fees and payments are available

FEES: the same as for Italian students without increases

PAYMENTS: 3 monthly installment WITHOUT BANK INTEREST.

Enrollment in the European Bachelor's three-year courses requires:


  • Fullfilled Application Form
  • Copy of the payment of the Registration or Pre-registration Fee by bank transfer
  • 4 passport-sized photos
  • Copy of the High School Diploma
  • Copy of Identity Card / Passport
    Fiscal Code


  • Fullfilled Application Form
  • Copy of the payment of the Registration or Pre-registration Fee by bank transfer
  • 4 passport-sized photos
  • Copy of the High School Diploma / High School Degree
  • Copy of Identity Card / Passport
    Copy of a B2 Level Italian Language Certificate. Or a commitment to attend Italian language preparation courses before the start of the course and during the first year, without language certification.

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