KOEFIA Academy deals with only one thing, and it does it well!

Teaching young people the Production Process of High Fashion and Industrial Fashion

To this end, it proposes differentiated study paths from three to one year of study, always with professional objectives. The Courses – that is – teach how to really work in a Fashion Atelier, pursuing the highest level of quality of the textile garment. The study paths are modulated according to the three classic production phases:

  1. Concept / Design / Fashion Design
  2. Modeling and realization of the Prototype
  3. Tailoring and High Fashion Making + Textile Manufacturing (Textile design)

1. Academic Fashion Courses

These are the most complete courses for High School and Graduated Students who want to learn everything about the production of Italian Haute Couture by obtaining a final degree.

  1. Three-year courses EUROPEAN BACHELOR DEGREE | PostDiploma | Accredited by EABHES | EQF 6 | 180 ECTS (12 Foreign Language) | Start: October 2022 | Closed number: 50 seats
  2. Two-year course EUROPEAN MASTER DEGREE | Postgraduate | Accredited by EABHES | EQF 7 | 120 ECTS | Start: Settember 2022 | Max Students: 10

Complementary Credit The framework of EABHESand of International Study Regulations permit the Student can add Additional Credits to their Studiorum Curriculum (Complementary Credits) capitalizing the Extra-curricular Activities Developed Concurrently with Academic Studies.. >

Credits Recognition > For those who already have work experience or have attended other courses and other Italian or international institutes, it is possible to recognize previous credits and reduce programs and study times.

2. Professional Biennial Fashion Courses

It is the ideal solution in the event that the student wishes to focus his attention on a technical and practical training in the Atelier to achieve broad skills that favor professional integration. The Koefia Biennial Courses are integrated with the Professional Qualifications of the Lazio Region and issue a Koefia Professional Diploma.

  1. Two-year course HIGH FASHION DESIGNER & MODELIST | Start: October 2022 | Closed number: 20 seats
  2. Two-year course MODEL MAKING & HIGH FASHION TAILORING | Start: September 2022 | Closed number: 20 seats

Two-year course MODEL MAKING & HIGH FASHION TAILORING | Start: September 2022 | Closed number: 20 seats

To access the two-year courses, only the compulsory schooling is required.

3. Annual Professional Fashion Courses

The Professional Courses are of two kinds:

  1. MASTER > An incoming Degree is required.
  2. PROFESSIONAL> Qualification is not required on entry.


  1. Annual Course Master Degree DIGITAL FASHION DESIGN INNOVATION | 60 ECTS | in the E.A.B.H.E.S.accreditation phase EQF7 | Start: September 2022 | Closed number: 10 seats
  2. FASHION DESIGNER & DESIGNER Annual Course | EQF6 qualification Lazio Region | Start: October 2022 | Closed number: 10 seats
  3. HIGH FASHION MODELING Annual Course | Koefia Diploma | Start: September 2022 | Closed number: 10 seats
  4. Corso AnnualeHAUTE COUTURE TAILORING | Koefia Diploma | Start: October 2022 | Closed number: 10 seat