Two-year post-graduate course, in Rome | 120 ECTS


European Bachelor Degree of Science in Design, accredited by E.A.B.H.E.S.

If you have studied Fashion Design in another school or academy, this course will make you become a professional in the production of Italian high fashion, in the aspects of design, pattern making, fabric processing and tailoring.


2 Years

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Biennial Postgraduate Course, in Rome

This two-year European Master of Professional Studies dedicated to ITALIAN HIGH FASHION PRODUCTION is aimed at students who have completed a three-year EQF 6 study cycle, graduated from Italian universities, or hold a Bachelor’s or other equivalent qualification obtained abroad.

The objective is to specialize these young people in the Production Process of High Fashion Clothes and Collections, at the highest level; along a path made of Design, Pattern Making and Packaging (Textile Design). In the search for trends and creation of clothes and collections, professional skills in 3D modeling (moulage paper pattern) and Couture tailoring (Fiber Art, Embroidery, Accessories) are added in order to train a Couturier/Couturière stylist who is master of the method and practice manufacturing and tailoring of Haute Couture.

The method used to learn how to do things better than others is the academic one: the Masters transfer their knowledge to the students through many hours of practice and practice.

At the end of the 2 years of study, the students have a catwalk on the AltaRoma stage with clothes entirely created and made by them .

After completing their studies, the young Couturier Stylists find their natural place in important companies and Maisons thanks to targeted recruitment interviews.

CLOSED NUMBER: Max 10 students

Discover your Talent

Each student is unique. We will help you enhance your talent with personalized step-by-step tutoring. .

Become a Professional

At the end of the course the student becames a professional able in every phase of the creative and productive process

Professionale enrolment in Ateliers.

Corporate internships in prestigious brands and houses where you can gain experience and shine. Job interviews for the most deserving students

Admission requirements

To access the Two-Year European Master Course majoring in ITALIAN HAUTE COUTURE PRODUCTION at the Koefia Academy, it is necessary to have a three-year university degree or other qualification obtained abroad of the same level.

Students who have attended three-year courses in Fashion Design in private schools not recognized by MIUR can also enroll in the Course.

To be admitted you need to:

Additional information on enrolling in the two-year Koefia academy course

The ADMISSION PORTFOLIO for the Biennial European Master course consists of a minimum of 15 Fashion Drawings / Projects with which the candidate shows his / her level of fashion design / design.

The Protfolio theme is free. Full autonomy to the student as regards drawing and coloring techniques.

The Academy is attentive to the economic needs of students and families. Discounts are provided for Fees and Payments

FEES: Reductions according to ISEE income are not applicable for International Student. For them, the fee is the higher amount.

PAYMENTS: 3 monthly installment WITHOUT BANK INTEREST.

Enrollment in the two-year European Master course requires:


  1. Fullfilled Application Form
  2. Copy of the payment of the Registration or Pre-registration Fee by bank transfer > REQUEST FEES + BANKING DATA
  3. 4 passport-sized photos
  4. Copy of the Degree Diploma or equivalent document
  5. Copy of Identity Card / Passport
  6. Fiscal Code


  1. Fullfilled Application Form
  2. Copy of the payment of the Registration or Pre-registration Fee by bank transfer
  3. 4 passport-sized photos
  4. Copy of the Bachelor Degree or equivalent
  5. Copy of Identity Card / Passport
  6. Copy of a B2 Level Italian Language Certificate. Or a commitment to attend Italian language preparation courses before the start of the course and during the first year, without language certification.

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