European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools

Quality of Teaching and Training

The European Bachelor and the European Master are both university level degrees – EQF6 and EQF7 level respectively [see European Qualification Framework] – accredited by EABHES – European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools. The European Bachelors and Masters represent a real passport to enter the world of work within the European community.
Both levels of study EQF6 and EQF7 consist of a certain number of credits accumulated by students on the basis of an equivalence system, including credits acquired in each school or institution where they follow academic / university level courses.
Students are required to complete a minimum of 180 ECTS * (credits) for the European Bachelor and from 60 to 120 ECTS for the European Master, for a total of 300 ECTS for both courses. The credits are distributed among the various academic activities of the study program and reflect the amount of work that each activity requires of the student to achieve the learning outcomes set within an academic year.

* ECTS: European Credits Transfer and Accumulation System
What is EABHES Accreditation?
  • EABHES accreditation is a system that schools implement to ensure that a study program is of high quality and that it complies with European higher education (university) standards.
Why should I study in an EABHES accredited program?
  • Thanks to quality control and accreditation monitoring processes, you are assured that you will be taught high quality up-to-date content by qualified teachers in accordance with current industry needs and trends.
  • You are also guaranteed the best experience at school because all staff are trained to provide you with all the resources, tools and opportunities you will need for your studies and even your student life.
  • EABHES accredited programs are student-centered, which means that everything is organized so that you can have the best learning experience and maximize your results in studies and work.
How does EABHES accreditation benefit me as a student?
  • EABHES accreditation benefits students in many ways. First of all, you are guaranteed a high quality education, which is, of course, essential.
  • Secondly, you will receive official academic transcripts and an accredited study degree in accordance with European standards.
  • These academic papers will be an excellent support for your future job applications and your questions to continue your studies in another institution, at home or in another country. In other words, accreditation improves your employability and your chances of continuing your studies.
  • Third, studying an EABHES accredited program will allow you to have an international experience during your studies. This, coupled with our English language requirements, will make you a competent graduate and increase your chances of finding a job.
  • In an increasingly interconnected world, having an international profile in work is very important. This increases your chances of working in major companies.
  • Finally, you will be part of the EABHES Alumni network, which will support you in applying for recognition of your diploma in another school in case you want to continue your studies.