What are the ECTS PLUS Skill Development? They are packages of subjects by specialization area that can be attended and purchased from:

  1. Students of Koefia Academic Courses
  2. Students of Koefia Professional Courses
  3. Students of Other Fashion Schools in progress
  4. Ex-students who have completed their training in other fashion schools,

in order to:

  • integrate didactic preparation on specific topics
  • acquire further specific professional skills for job placement.

They allow – for example – to finalize the thesis by improving the technical and professional skills that are needed to fully develop – even in the phase of presentation materials to companies – the topic chosen for the final paper, to arrive at a specific material elaboration, together with a professional graphic presentation mode, useful to facilitate the job search.

  • 1/2 Semesters according to the chosen Module (s)
    4 months (min.), Or 8 months (max)
  • second module (s) selected
    October, or February March
  • Admission to attendance of the Modules takes place through
    Orientation Interview and Evaluation of the Objectives / Opportunities of each Student or Ex-Student.
  • The Update Modules are subject to a fee
    for all Koefia or Other School students who request it.
    – Low costs

At the end of the training it is issued to the student
Certificate of ECTS Complementary Credits
according to the procedures established by the Accreditation Body E.A.B.H.E.S.

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