“Road to Rio” Collection

The 3rd year students of the Koefia Academy presented an exercise on sportswear thinking about the Olympics that will take place in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 (whose program proposes 28 types of sport and 42 disciplines). The parade of the 45 outfits, created – designed and tailored by the students – was held at the prestigious Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

They are haute couture dresses that recall leisure time and gymnastics. They use modern fabrics and details, such as neoprene, PVC and leather, transparent k-ways, knee pads, shorts and jackets, male and female, all in the name of colors.

A project coordinated by Simone Pirani and Giusy Ingallinera (Valentino spa) who, together, helped the boys in the creation of the creations that had the theme of sport as their leit motiv. A very large universe that of Friday Wear, literally a term that evokes the freedom of being able to dress elegantly but informally, at the end of the week, after intense days of work.