ALTAROMA 2019 Winter

“Get Back” Collection

Freedom of movement between places, social classes, habits: it is one of the key points of the 70s reflected in the changes in fashion of that historical period. This is the common thread of the Collection presented by the 3rd year students of the Koefia Academy.

Click on the image to see the fashion show in HD

With the 1970s, a new way of conceiving clothing and its function arose. The idea of ​​democratization has also contaminated the world of clothing making fashion more accessible, usable, customizable. The game is in continuous reference to the old for the presence of the classic wardrobe items with a wide cut in common, such as: trousers, coats, long skirts, and shirts, overalls.

The choice of mixing fabrics, between classic and soft textures such as those of wool and typically material technical fabrics, recalls the time travel between past and present. Accessories deserve special mention. The models wore gloves designed by RIINA ÕUN, a lecturer at Central Saint Martins School in London. A touch of class that embellished the show. The Roman craftsman TONINO CODISPOTI of Ottica Vittoria Colonna supplied the glasses with special frames that recalled the looks of the 1970s.

Photo: Pietro Piacenti