Admission Requirements

To access the three-year European Bachelor courses you need:

Enrollment in three-year courses

All students wishing to enroll in an Academic Course must present an Admission Portfolio with specific characteristics: (A) Preceded by a brief introduction by the candidate; (B) composed of at least 5 Outfits (Fashion Projects). Important: the presentation of the Portfolio is not 'selective', but serves to 'measure' the student's motivation through an initial approach to fashion design.

  1. Students from Fashion Schools (Fashion Artistic High Schools, Professional Fashion Institutes): are admitted without formalities; they can present a Portfolio made up of a selection of their school works that best represent them.
  2. Students from other High Schools (Scientific, Classical, Linguistic High Schools, Technical Institutes, etc.): they must create a Portfolio consisting of a minimum of 5 Outfits (Fashion Projects), for a minimum total of 10 drawings (1 black/white line drawing + 1 colored drawing for each project/outfit). The Portfolio is evaluated by the Management.

The Theme of the Portfolio is chosen by the candidate. Full autonomy to the student with regard to drawing and coloring techniques. Accademia Koefia helps and follows the candidate in the preparation of the Portfolio.

  1. Instructions & Silhouette for the preparation of the Admission Portfolio >> Download PDF
  2. Corso Online Gratuito Progetto Moda & Portfolio Step-to-Step con tutorial video della Prof.ssa Claudia Ausonia Palazio per iniziare a disegnare correttamente i figurini >> RICHIEDI ACCESSO AL CORSO

Koefia Academy is attentive to the economic needs of students and families
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TUITION FEE >> Three-year courses
€ 8.000

Not provided for foreign students
Not provided for foreign students
Not provided for foreign students

Enrollment in the European Bachelor's three-year courses requires:


At the time of enrollment

  1. Registration form completed and signed
  2. Signed Student Agreement
  3. Copy of the payment of the Registration Fee or Pre-Registration via Bank Transfer = € 400.
  4. Copy of Identity Card/Passport
  5. Fiscal Code (Photocopy of Health Card)

At the beginning of the course

  1. 4 passport-size photos
  2. Copy of High School Diploma or provisional self-certification
  3. Bank data for trasfert


  1. Fullfilled Application Form
  2. Signed Student Agreement
  3. Copy of the payment of the Registration or Pre-registration Fee by bank transfer
  4. 4 passport-sized photos
  5. Copy of the High School Diploma / High School Degree
  6. Copy of identity card / passport.


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