Annual Online Post-Graduate Master

60 ECTS Credits

The purpose of this 60 ECTS Annual Master Course is to prepare the Fashion Professional for the Digital Design Method and the Use of the Most Innovative Software that allow them to raise the level of their creativity, applying it to formal solutions of alternative, experimental and sustainable Fashion Design.

At the end you will have the skills to create collections of clothes and fashion accessories from the design to the modeling to the digital visualization of the same, as now required of the young fashion designers who want to propose to the main fashion companies, which need to multiply creativity and Shorten Design / Production Times.

March 2024
October, 2024



Online 85% Onsite 15%

  • Graduates from Italian or foreign universities (EQF 6).
  • Holders of a Bachelor Degree or equivalent qualification (EQF 6) obtained in an Italian or international school.
  • Non-graduates, with significant experience in the Fashion Design area

Basic preparation in Fashion Design is provided for non-professional graduates or non-graduates students coming fron other fileds of study

  • Professionals – even non-graduates – can attend the course to acquire innovative design tools currently in great demand on the job market in this sector.
The course is focused on the design of collections, from a macro area of ​​trend research and critical analysis of the fashion system to a more defined area focused on the development of a theme and styling, respecting the dynamics of a style office.
To support the design, the most suitable tools are offered for fashion design and illustration, technical drawing, layout, presentation of a portfolio, three-dimensional development and video editing.
In addition to the Adobe package (Photoshop / Illustrator / Indesign) and Procreate (for IPad), CLO3D will be used to create virtual prototypes of your collection to prepare final shootings and presentation videos.
Entirely online course – subject to checks in Rome – with live or recorded lessons and an Open Lab for discussion with teachers.
Through meetings with experts and operators in the sector, Project and Brand Managers, PR and representatives of Manufacturing Companies, it will be possible to outline the most suitable profile necessary to be able to aspire to a position within a style office.

Study Plan

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