Koefia Fashion Academy was founded in 1951 by Countess Alba Toni Brasini who chose the stage name of “Madame Koefia”.
The first Italian Fashion Academy70 years of passion and successes

Fashion Design Studies in the Koefia Academy are marked by practice in the Atelier. You work and you learn. Koefia Academy teaches the specific production techniques of Italian Haute Couture: from the Conception and Design of a Dress and a Collection, to Couture Modeling (3D Paper Patternmaking) and Prêt-à-Porter (Cad Lectra), manufacturing tailoring processes related to Fiber-Art, Fabric Decoration, Knitting – Knitting, Furrier – Furrier Processing, Embroidery – Embroidery. Koefia fashion courses prepare complete professionals ready to enter the world in international fashion companies. At the end of the Three-Year training course, 82% of Koefia students find work in important Brands, Maisons, Ateliers, Fashion Houses, Tailors.



  • 70 years of Excellence! – Since 1951, the Koefia Academy has been teaching young people the secrets of High Fashion, the production process of designing and creating clothes and collections. The prestige of the fashion school and the skills developed allow Koefia students to enter the world of work in prestigious Brands and Maisons within one year of graduation.
  • Accreditation – The Triennial and Biennial Fashion Courses are accredited by E.A.B.H.E.S. “Bologna Compliant” as Undergraduate European Bachelor (EQF 6) and Postgraduate Euroepan Master (EQF 7).
  • Reputation – Studying at the Koefia Academy means obtaining a qualification in one of the best Italian Fashion Schools, a school classified internationally for the quality of its educational results. Koefia makes the difference!
  • Curriculum Studiorum – The teaching offer of the Koefia Academy follows international standards. This allows students to find work or to continue their studies in other schools around the world with the certainty of having their learning outcomes recognized.
  • Insertion of the student in the Fashion World – Events, competitions and fashion shows in which the Academy and its students participate during their studies put them in direct contact with the “real” world of fashion, with a professional universe of stylists, brands and famous fashion houses. In the Koefia Academy, students do not simply follow a course, but attend a lively environment full of events and initiatives in the fashion wold.
  • Multiculturalism – Koefia Academy is frequented by many students from other European and non-European countries. Studying in Koefia means knowing and comparing with other cultures and enriching one’s study experience in a significant way.
  • Rome– Koefia Academy is based in the centre of Rome, where Haute Couture was born. Studying in Rome is a dream. The Academy is a stone’s throw from St. Peter’s Basilica, in the “Prati” district, in Via Cola di Rienzo 203, one of the main shopping streets of the Capital City. Reaching it is easy with the Metro (Line A, Stations: Lepanto| Ottaviano).
  • Student Services – Koefia students are a family. In Accademia ogni studente è unico, e viene seguito in tutte le sue necessità – pratiche e didattiche – per tutto il corso di studi e anche dopo. With the result of enhancing the talent of each student and developing in him skills that offer it to companies as an Italian High Fashion Professional.

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